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Amby baby hammock natures nest bed sets.Save £10.00 on R.R.P Our price £209.95 + Free UK Mainland delivery on all full sets!

The Amby Air Baby Natures Nest Hammock cot.

"A good nights sleep in every value set"

Amby Baby Hammocks are the original and the most stringently tested baby hammock on the market since 1989 and we have been selling them to people all over the world since 2007! The Amby brand is still proving to be the number one choice for hammock beds with the launch of the Amby Air model.

With improved visability and air flow through the side meashing, Amby superseeds all safety measures imposed on cots and cribs british standards...Please Do not settle for cheaper brands that cut manufacturing quality to save money.
Video of Amby manufacturing Factory.(See where and how it`s made.)

We are one of the original genuine Amby UK stockist and retailer since 2007! Please be aware of inferior cheap copies on and coming on the market. The Amby brand name has been trading since 1989 with sales in excess of over 50,000 units sold worldwide to date! The genuine Amby has also won numerous awards and safety Standards over the past years!

We wouldn't be where we are today without our partner companies. LDN Grab Hire helped us with removing our waste, and wood that we use for our hammocks is supplied by Planks and Beams. Both companies are based in London.

All our Amby baby hammock super and value sets now also includes a twin pack of fitted matching colour sheets and a free re-designed canvas bag for travelling home or abroad!

Buy with confidence from the longest serving supplier of the Amby Hammock natures nest bed.

We are "Ambyhammock.co.uk" the retailer/stockist in the UK that has been selling them for over the past 7+ years!

THE BEST JUST GOT BETTER!! The new and improved "Amby Air" and accessories NOW BACK IN STOCK!

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Tv Exposure. NEW IMPROVED! Amby Air value package in White. Awards given.

The Original & Safest Baby Hammock Available.

The Best Sleep for parents and baby on the Market.

Our New Shop Contact Number 01902 782849 9am-4pm Monday through Friday, Saturday Closed. Sunday Closed.

A great nights sleep Assured.

The Amby air & original Nature's Nest Baby Hammock promotes sound sleep through comfortable hammock design and springing motion.

The new Amby air baby hammock bed also is a answer to where baby sleeps when traveling on holiday, when packed away in the strong canvas travel bag. This then may be checked in with baby baggage onboard flights free of charge for travel abroad!

Recent clinically controlled studies confirm that by providing physical contact, enclosure and rhythmic movement, young babies, whether term or premature, evidenced significant improved physical and psychological development.

Natures Nest Amby baby Hammock was developed from the knowledge and understanding provided by this medical science which pinpoints how 'well' babies and acutely 'sick' babies best survive, grow and develop in the first 12 months of their life. These studies clearly evidenced that with the right type of environment and stimulation the following benefits are found:

  • Increased weight gain.
  • Better neurological development.
  • Increased Alertness.
  • Heightened hearing and visual functioning.
  • Decreased irritability.

Ultimately your baby does not care how expensive, beautiful or ornate his bed is, as long as he feels snug, safe and comfortable in it. Only then will his sleeps be sound, long and blissful. Natures Nest hammock bed is recommended and mentioned in Dr Gowri Motha's book "Gentle first year." - Dr Gowri Motha is one the UK's most respected obstetricians, working in holistic practice alongside Dr Yehudi Gordon. Her Gentle Birth Method has been hugely popular with celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow. Now she helps mothers in the first year after birth bond with their child and give them the best start in life. A book that takes new parents month by month through the first weeks after birth - with detailed information on the health of mother and baby - and progresses to the end of the first year.
Read Dr Sears Testimonial here.
Most importantly, it is now accepted that some of these improvements are not temporary but long lasting, developmental milestones.
This powerful research helped us bring together all these essential conditioning elements into the design of our Amby Natures Nest, creating a perfectly balanced, safe and secure environment and giving your baby the very best chance in life from the very start.

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Height: 1460 mm
  • Width: 710 mm
  • Depth: 965 mm
  • Mass: 11 kg (shipping weight including carton.)

NEW! AMBY AIR VALUE & SUPER VALUE SETS.Free UK Delivery.(Mainland only)

NEW! Amby Air value set Price. £209.95--- IN STOCK.  

What is included in our price?

Amby air super & value sets.

Amby Air value set.£209.95

Amby Air super value set.£276.95
  Buy bed sheets.2pc(WHITE/SOLD OUT.)

Sheets-twin pack.special offer.£12.95:

  Genuine Amby Baby wedge.

Amby baby wedge/Anti-roll.£16.95

Buy genuine Ambyhammock mattress & cover.

Genuine Mattress.£24.95:
Buy Amby original sling only.

original sling.£49.99:

Offer! Blue sling only.£39.99:

Buy replacement Spring.

Amby replacement spring.£17.95

Buy Amby Bouncer(Jump-Jump)

Amby Bouncer(Jump-Jump)£32.95:

Buy NEW! Amby air Sling and Mattress.

Amby air Sling and Mattress.£98.95

Buy Amby Mosquito Net.

Amby Mosquito Net.£18.95:

Buy Amby Travel Bag

Amby Travel Bag.£18.95:

Buy Amby spring cover sock.

Amby spring sock.£4.95:

Buy Amby hanger cross bar.

Amby sling hanger cross bar.£14.95:
Buy Amby safety cord

Amby safety cord.£4.95:

Buy Amby Eye Bolt Kit.

Amby Eye Bolt Kit.£4.50:



The Baby Hammock and its individual constituent parts are the subject of a number of patents and design registrations in many countries throughout the world including Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, most of Asia including China and Japan, UK and European countries.

The term "Baby Hammock" is used here generically to refer to items that are sold individually and collectively under various registered trade mark names in several countries including "Blissful Baby Hammock", "Mobile Baby Hammock", "Nature's Nest Baby Hammock", "Natures Nest Natural Motion Baby Bed", "Amby Baby Hammock" and variations and combinations of these.

The owner of the patents and design registrations has and will continue to vigorously prosecute any infringement of the various patents and/or infringements of the registered designs in any country or territory where they may occur whether they be deliberate or unintentional.

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